We are not about Fast Food; we are about AMAZING Food!!!

At The Rollin Pig we’re bring quality Street & BBQ food to the mases. For too long Takeaway or Fast Food dinning has often resulted in mass produced foods full of substandard ingredients and/or chemical preservatives... And that’s not us.
We love two things in life, Quality & Scotland!!!!
That is why we use the finest locally sourced meats & produce.
The Hog, Beef & Chooks all come from local family run suppliers.
The Haggis & Black Pudding are produced for us by a local family butcher.
From mincing the beef for the burgers & smoking our own meats, to producing the rubs & sauces we use... we do EVERYTHING in-house. So, you can trust there is no added preservatives such as MSG, overuse of salt.
We are so confident of our quality that we update or allergen list on a regular basis and load it on to our website for you to view.

There is one downside to our high standards... IF we run out of something, we have run out until we can make some more. We do not have freezers full of mass pre-produced Burgers, Sausages etc. We are also not inclined to do a quick run to the cash and carry... so please do not be too despondent if you are asked to chose something else from the menu, there is always the next time!!!

The Yard @   Ann Street PA5

The Yard is the home of The Rollin Pig.
With our unique street theme feel, our inside & outside facilities, our custom designed & built kitchen, and of course our charming (but cheeky) personalities... we make The Rollin Pig an experience you’ll want to repeat time and time again.

We are at The Yard @ Ann Street BBQ & Street Food Shacks... watch this space for further details!!

Rollin Pig Quality Products Johnstne Renfrewshire

We Use The Finest Scottish Sourced

  • Meats & Products

Rollin Pig uses Scotland Products

All Come From Scottish Family Run Suppliers:
  • The Hog
  • Beef
  • Chooks
  • The Haggis
  • Black Pudding

Rollin Pig Homemade Burgers


  • Mincing The Beef For The Burgers
  • Smoking Our Own Meats
  • Producing The Rubs & Sauces

Rollin Pig No Added Preservatives

We Care About Our Products:

  • No Added Preservatives Such As MSG
  • No Overuse Of Salt
  • We Update Or Allergen List On A Regular Basis
  • We Do Not Freeze Pre-Produced Burgers, Sausages etc.

Viva La Hog !!!!!